2 Year Veganniversary

Because what’s the difference between him and any other animal?

The day has come! A huge milestone in my plant-based lifestyle has been reached, and I couldn’t be more enthused.

July 5, 2015 marks my 730th day vegan, or my 2 year veganniversary!

My veganniversary present to myself! The back has the engraved date of the day I went vegan — purchased on Etsy, created by @fiercedeer

Like I’ve mentioned time and time again, choosing to go vegan and continuing to choose vegan everyday has been the greatest decision I have ever made.

What started as an experiment to spice up my blog site with an edgy topic turned into an overall lifestyle transformation that has brought me to where I am today; happier and healthier than ever before.

I feel beyond grateful to have found veganism; to now recognize that what I choose to purchase as a consumer affects much more than my taste buds, my individual style or my satisfaction at that moment in time.

I now have the consciousness to realize the impact that my actions have on not only my  health, but the well-being of beautiful living creatures and the Earth that sustains us.

I know that I make a difference. Never let anyone convince you otherwise. Sure, I may be one person, but I’m one person that has made a substantial impact on my life and the lives of SO many others.

My dollar is my vote. My voice is my weapon.

In choosing to go vegan, I have made a difference. Over the past 2 years…

  • I have almost completely eliminated my chances of developing heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and many other western world diseases caused by the detriment of animal products. I have more energy for exercise, reduced recovery time, clearer, softer, more radiant skin and hair, a more positive, focused state of mind, while simultaneously extending my life and youthfulness by so many years.

Fun article — 10 reasons why you should go vegan in 2015

Watch the documentary Forks Over Knives to understand the impact the plant-based diet has on your health.

  • I have saved 404 innocent, intelligent, sentient living beings from constant fear, malnourishment, torture, and slaughter (vegetarian calculator). I have saved these animals from being torn out of their natural habitat, confined to cramped, filthy barns, cages and pens being hung upside down on the slaughter line, having their throats cut and bodies mutilated.

Watch the documentary Earthlings to realize the impact going vegan, and making conscious, ethical decisions as a consumer has on the well-being of animals of this planet.

***I believe that this documentary is absolutely imperative for anyone still consuming animal products to see. If you can put it in your body, you can watch how it gets there.

  • I have saved 3,218 lbs of CO2 from entering into the atmosphere, helping to alleviate the devastation of global warming (vegetarian calculator).


Watch the documentary Cowspiracy to understand the impact animal agriculture has on the Earth. Don’t be fooled by what the government and  meat and dairy lobbyists are telling you!

  • Lastly, I have influenced SO many more people than I would have ever thought possible. I have recordered every individual that has chosen to share with me the impact I have had on their own lifestyle. To date, I have 24 names written down. From those 24 people, I know off hand that 5 have chosen to go vegan, 3 have gone vegetarian, and many others are now making more conscious decisions about their food. I realize that my impact probably extends much further than these people, which stands as the very reason I continue to blog and share my story.


In midst of this celebration, I want to take the time to thank all my readers for your continued support! I hope over the past 2 years or so you have gotten something out of this blog site of mine.

Here you can read my full vegan transformation story, featured on thewishdish.com 🙂

Well, until next time! This veganista has got thangs to do!


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