Give Me Carbs or Give Me Death

Clever title, eh? Gotta thank my good man Patrick Henry for that one.

Sheesh! Have I already started to miss being a student? As unpleasant as it was to study, do homework, write papers and attend classes, I think I really will miss being educated on the daily. Here’s to hoping I will retain some of what I’ve learned the past 17 years!

There’s one thing for sure that won’t be leaving my brain anytime soon — my passion for health, wellness and world betterment.

I like to keep myself educated and up-to-date on news in the health community, particularly plant-based movements and any and all information that I can use to better my own self, and eventually others.

My most recent (I guess we can call it) “discovery” has been the high carb, low fat vegan diet. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, there are many ways to do any diet, including veganism. And after nearly two years vegan, you better believe I’ve pretty much tried it all.

As a vegan, you definitely learn how to plan & prepare ahead! — trip to Dewey Beach, DE with some girlfriends 🙂

From the very beginning stages, I was just eating whatever I could find that was vegan and seemed relatively healthy. I then moved on to try and smash in as much vegan protein as possible as I picked up weight lifting. Meanwhile, I thought that since healthy fats are healthy, they should be therefore limitless for healthy consumption. Wrong-o.

***These are all better options than animal protein & animal fat consumption, but there’s a better way!

I had heard about raw veganism, raw til 4 and 80-10-10, but never did they resonate with me quite like they do now.

After following fabulous vloggers, like Freelee the Banana Girl, Annie Jaffrey, and particularly Nina & Randa, I’ve found the secret to the most efficient vegan diet, to successfully live out this lifestyle of abundance.

This was my breakfast one morning!

By consuming 80% carbs, 10% protein and 10% fats — high raw, your body is able to maintain high, stable levels of energy while feeling ultra satisfied. The best part though? That abundance bit — you can eat as much as your heart desires!

It wasn’t until just recently that I started incorporating starches into my diet. Coming from conventional health info, I always avoided white potatoes and white rice, but I’ve learned that with a low-fat vegan diet, these are excellent sources of energy. (CARBS = ENERGY)

I whipped out my family’s rice cooker I knew we had hiding somewhere and since, have been incorporating rice into my dinners each evening, white or brown. It’s added fantastic texture to my carbed-up meals.

Oil-free, salt-free oven baked sweet potatoes, kidney beans, chopped spinach, chopped tomatoes, chopped onions and white rice
Chana masala chickpeas, steamed broccoli and white rice

Remember, the carbs I’m speaking of are the good carbs: fruits, veggies, grains, legumes and starches, not to be confused with their evil sibling, refined carbs: white breads, pastas, chips, cake, cookies, candies, etc.

I have already noticed a heck of a difference in my energy during the day, during workouts and vibrant clarity of my skin.

9 mile morning bike ride!

The other thing to note is the importance of consuming foods as close to their natural state as possible. This means raw whenever possible and  leaving out the oil and salt. These are two things I’ve recently tried to ditch completely. Yes, there are some oils that are deemed healthier than others, but oil is a refined fat, which should not be included in a healthy diet. Salt raises blood pressure and physically causes bloating.

It is extremely important to understand the detriment that salt and oil can bring to your nutrition, so you’re better off just leaving them out completely. There are so many other alternatives to season your food, AKA amazing herbs, spices and citrus fruits! I can honestly say I don’t miss them one bit, and feel much better without them. Consider them the ex-boyfriend that was weighing you down!

Oven-Baked HCLF Potato Wedges
An easy high-carb, low-fat vegan starter kit food item is mastering the oven-baked fries. Start off by grabbing any potato of your choosing. Set the oven for 410 degrees. Slice the potato into wedges, or whatever shape you like. Season the wedges with whatever herbs or spices you like. Place the potato wedges in the oven for 20 minutes. And wah-lah, perfect crisp and delicious “french fries” that are nothing but good for you. No oil or salt needed!

Delicious oil-free, salt-free, black pepper & paprika seasoned oven baked potatoes with guacamole and cucumbers/red peppers

Like I mentioned, this diet is one of abundance. I can literally eat as much as I want and stay lean and energized. If that doesn’t convince you, did I mention it’s also the healthiest, most economical, most environmentally sustainable, most ethical, and overall best diet (but actually, lifestyle) to save this world? Well, it is.

That’s all for now, folks! Be expecting a “What I Ate in a Day” blog post coming up.