It’s Good to Be Strong

Happy Thursday, my darlings!

These past couple of weeks have been pretty relaxed, as I’ve been really focusing my efforts on my career pursuit. This means lots of time spent at home working on job applications, at the gym, trying to be outside (stop already, rain!), and on artistic endeavors.

While I’ve had the time on my hands to go to the gym when I please for as long as I please, I’ve done a good amount of reflecting on why I do what I do. Why do I put forth so much of my time and energy into a warehouse room filled with big, bulky metal contraptions?

And it hit me. I LOVE being strong. It’s the most empowering feeling knowing that you’re a powerful human being, a force of nature.

My summer starting point — oh the possibilities!

Going through your day to day life capable of whatever life throws at you is a feeling beyond any other. Knowing that you have the ability to exert strength and stamina whenever it is due is beyond ideal. Recognizing that you can defend yourself in this scary world provides peace of mind.

It’s about taking a stand for yourself — investing in you.

This strength is not limited to the physical sort. But of course, it is a plus!

Consciously putting yourself through pain and struggle, knowing you can quit at any moment, but refusing to, is where mental strength comes in. Continuously reminding yourself that this battle is worth the pain, that you will come out on the other side a better individual is where strength is born.

Finally, realizing the benefits of that struggle is what instills the values of hard work and mental vigor.

I believe that transitioning to the vegan lifestyle, despite social norms, social criticism, disrupting my normal diet, changing the way I think about food and the world, has undoubtedly improved my mental strength.

Flex your body, flex your mind!

Sure, I could have quit at any moment the past 2 years and gave into eating some butter or cheese (too far gone to even consider meat) with the constant pressure I face to give in, but I choose not to. For myself.

This strength allows for me to look beyond the adversities of daily life and see the big picture to overcome them. What is the significance of doing or not doing a specific action in the long run? Why have I made the decisions I have?

Why am I abstaining from animal products? Why have I chosen to get up before the sun rises to work out? Why can’t I just be like a “normal” person?

Because I value my strength and determination, and feel so grateful everyday that I have it within myself to carry out the life I have chosen to live.

Post back & biceps workout today!

I genuinely believe that male or female, young or old, strength is vital to a healthy, happy existence. Invest in your mind and body. Invest in yourself.

Chow for now 🙂

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