The Spring Break Diet

My university spring break is in two weeks.

We all know what that means. College girls (and guys too) freaking out about getting that “beach body,” and fast.

All I hear is “I’m on my spring break diet,” so “I can’t eat too many calories,” “I need to constantly work out,” and all that other college spring break prep bull sh*t.

Yes, work out! It’s what us human beings were made to do each day. However, quick fixes are never the answer and this whole mentality is wrong, wrong, wrong.

First off, what is the point of putting yourself through all this if you plan on drinking your weight in calories once you arrive at said beach? Wouldn’t that just be sabotaging all the hard work you put in to get there?

The bigger issue here, though, is that people still don’t seem to understand how food works.

Calorie restriction should NEVER be a thing. Consuming artificially derived food or animal products should also never be a thing. There’s no need to eat chemicals, animal flesh or their bodily excretions. Once you cut that crap out, you are free to eat as many calories as your heart desires – leaving your body in an utter state of bliss.


Food should never be the enemy. Food is what fuels you, what heals you, what nourishes you.

When you feel as though you go through your day fearing food, mentally limiting yourself and your intake, that is where the problem lies. Calorie restriction is not sustainable. Sure, these diets that have you cut yourself down to an absurd less than 2000 calories per day are going to work. Starvation will always make you lose weight. It’s science. But guess what? You will also be putting your body through chaos, slowing down your metabolism and cutting into your muscle mass. That weight loss will not last for long.

These trending diet programs, like Kayla Itsines, have you do just that. She gives you a basic workout program and tells you to limit yourself to to something like 1600 calories per day. To be an active, functioning adult, one needs far more than that. Anyone check out these headless results people months later…? Popular programs like this are exactly what brainwashes girls (and guys) into thinking that calorie restriction is key, and furthermore, that all calories are created equal.


This is one of the biggest misconceptions of the entire diet world existence. Here’s the truth, people. Calories are good. Calories are what give you the energy you need to function. Eating 1000 calories worth of meat is completely different from eating 1000 calories worth of bananas (and you get to eat SO much more).


Moral of the story – eat until your body is content. Eat when you feel hungry (snack!). Eat what your body needs (plant foods). If you’re craving something, it means you’re missing nutrients in your diet. Listen to your body, it’s a lot smarter than you think. Fulfill yourself. Make your body a happy body.

And in the meantime, your body will reap the benefits. You’ll feel a sense of mental clarity, comfort in your daily routine and a rockin’ bod. Don’t give into these dieting mental games because that is just what they are – games.

Take a look at this video by my raw til 4/high carb, low fat (801010)/plant-based idol, Freelee the Banana Girl, for more on this topic! Excuse her mouth from time to time.

Yes, she looks amazing and serves as a fab example of what anyone can achieve by simply switching to a lifestyle of nourishment through plant-based foods, and plenty of them. She has an awesome YouTube Channel with videos posted everyday following her daily routine and discussing important health topics in today’s society.

Well, I’ll step off my soapbox now. I write blog posts like this because I care. I want my friends and the world to feel as good as I do, without putting themselves through such misery.

Speaking of spring break…I’ll be in South Beach, Miami, Florida. Can’t wait.

Chow for now!

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