I Love My Classes

Greetings, all!

This has been a much procrastinated post, as it has seemed that job applications have taken precedent over blogging. For that, I do apologize.

As much as I am tired of being a student at this point and so very ready to graduate, I’ve actually found a greater appreciation for my classes this semester.

As a spring semester senior marketing major, I am taking all of the capstone marketing and college of business courses that really tie together all aspects of what we’ve learned during our time in college and apply them. Aka LOTS of case studies.

The two classes in particular that make me feel super nerdy for being as enthused as I am about them are Global Business Information Technology (BIT 4744) and Marketing, Public Interest & Society (MKTG 4644).

Global Business Informational Technology is a course focused on the logistics of global production of various products, with a favor toward sustainable agriculture (thanks to my self-proclaimed hippie-back-to-nature professor). We’ve talked about every fruit, vegetable and grain you could imagine, the different areas of the world which are most suitable to grow them and international trade relations that allow this to happen. To be honest, I heard about this class through a friend that told me this professor lectures on “the sustainability of peanut butter” and I was hooked. This is my last class to complete my International Business minor and the first time I’ve ever enjoyed a BIT class; Good thing too, since it’s my earliest class of the semester at 9:30 AM (rough for a second semester senior).

Marketing, Public Interest and Society is a course based around the power of marketing to create social change — right up my alley. As I’ve grown through out the past years, becoming more aware of societal tendencies and which road they could potentially lead us down, I’ve decided that my expertise in marketing need to be geared toward improving the world as we know it through influencing people toward positive behaviors. So far, we have spoken a lot about corporate social responsibility or the identity of companies as more than just money-makers, but as entities to make a positive impact in the world. Within the last 30 years or so, this term has gained quite the following making involvement in philanthropic missions the norm for companies nowadays. My thinking is that if you have the ability and resources to reach as many people as you do, why not take advantage of that and make a difference?

I’m also quite excited about the group project required of us (who would have ever thought I would say those words…). We have been asked to come up with a social problem and a solution to it, with primary and secondary research all documented and summarized in a big paper and presentation. Here’s the fun part though: I convinced my group to pick the societal problem of nutrition; more specifically, the detriment of animal product consumption. The solution: education on the atrocities of factory farming on one’s health, animal welfare & the environment, and also the endless benefits to a plant-based lifestyle.

The professor is a young, laid back grad student that apparently was vegan for a good while during her earlier grad school years and has raved about the frugality of it, along with the other great perks. She seems to have quite an open-mind, as she loves traveling, has worked for various non-profits and is always sparking philosophic conversation.

Although these two classes both require a decent amount of work, I’m so excited for what more we will learn and how these topics will lend themselves to my future career.

My only complaint is that my Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester are a little hectic with classes back to back from 9:30 to 3:15. My biggest problem with this? My hungry belly. If you know me at all by now, you know I always have snacks on me, but this requires a whole new level of preparation. I have to pack a full-on gallon baggie of food to sustain me and my brain.

Bean/veggie collard green wraps, apple slices, carrots and bell pepper
A closer look into my collard green wraps!

This does however mean I only have one class on Mondays and Wednesdays and no classes on Fridays, so I can’t complain too much.

Gym everyday though 😉


My university started counting down the days until graduation last week when we hit 100 days, but that doesn’t mean I have to. It’s unbelievably bittersweet to think I am about to leave the only life I have known, as a student, to become a working, contributing member of society. FREAKY.

All I can ask is that I find a career that makes it feel as though I’m never really working; a career that aligns with my personal passions and betters me as a person. Now to find that before graduation…I got this…I think.

I’ve also been very busy with the happenings of The Veg Club of Virginia Tech I founded last semester, but that will need its own blog post. Stay tuned!

Veg love always,


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