Raw Foodism

Hello, everyone!

Today I want to discuss raw foodism, a recent intrigue of mine. I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, but let me delve in further.

Raw foodism is essentially taking the plant-based lifestyle to the next level—the ultimate vegan diet. This raw food lifestyle is based solely on fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in their raw, natural state, untouched by heat or chemicals.

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My reason for gravitating toward this raw lifestyle is solely for its immense healing benefits it provides to the body and spirit. Because of a recent medical scare of my own and my motivation to self-heal , then further educating myself on the physiology of the body and the foods it needs to thrive, this diet makes the most sense to me, intuitively and scientifically.

When one consumes food grown from the earth left in its natural state, the body is given the full, illuminating and ultimate healing nutrients. This food is the most vibrant, powerful food for both the body and mind, free of toxins and filled with life and energy.

Think about it. If you’re feeding your body cooked, dead food robbed of its nutrients, how will that then transpose into the energy your body will receive? Now don’t get me wrong, cooked food isn’t bad, but for me, knowing that there is something much better for you out there, I’m naturally all over it!

On this type of diet (lifestyle), the body is able to completely dispose of all waste, thriving off only the most nutrient-dense, electric foods.

This lifestyle is high-carb (fruits & vegetables) and low-fat (nuts and oils) or 80-10-10, which may sound strange to someone trained in conventional nutrition, but with all doubts aside, it seems to work quite beautifully. Of course, you need balance in any diet, but we don’t actually need so much of the other nutrients that are drilled into our brains by the food industry as we may think (overhyped protein need myth). Whole fruits and vegetables gift us with plentiful nutrients and benefits.

I have these famous raw vegan YouTube stars listed below to educate and inspire you further, as they did me!

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It just seems like high carb, low fat is the way to go to live a life of ultimate energy, health, happiness and healing.

Along with this raw food lifestyle, I’ve been thinking about other aspects of my life and how to bring other areas of my daily routine back to nature. Some of these changes I’ve written off as long-term, as I am still under my parent’s roof/dollar and unable to completely change how my household runs. Soon enough though, I will be graduated (May!), living on my own and able to decide how to go about every detail.

My #1 goal is to completely rid any chemicals from my life. Anything from my beauty routine to my cleaning products to my household items. The idea is to keep everything as natural and organic as possible.

My other big goal is to live the greenest life I possibly can. I’m sure with enough self-education and application of what I already know, I’ll be able to make my household a luminescent green.

Nothing worth doing is easy & nothing easy is worth doing.

With the end goal in mind, I know I can accomplish anything. I think I’ve set myself up for success in my gradual transition to more raw, whole foods and a slow transition to more natural products in my daily life. With time, I’ll get there.

Been feeling so great running off mostly raw foods lately!

Knowing that I am filling my body with ultimate vitality that will allow me to be the best version of myself radiating positivity from from head to toe without supporting cruel, corrupt food giants or harming the environment is an exceptional feeling.

Who wants to join me?! 🙂

Well, it’s almost time for me to head back to school and preparations for The Veg Club of Virginia Tech are in full force as our recruitment efforts will begin shortly after classes begin. How exciting!

Hopefully, you’ll be getting an update on that very soon!

Chow for now!