My Not-So-Typical College Spring Break

Hi, people! Good afternoon and happy Spring!

Last week was my university’s spring break. As many of my classmates were off in some tropical paradise drinking fruity drinks and getting a little wild among thousands of other college kids on a typical ‘college spring break,’ I was at home not doing much, and loving it.

I was initially a little bummed about not actually doing the ‘college spring break,’ but in retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t. All I really needed for my spring break was an actual break; a break from school work, my organization leadership roles, and all the other stresses that come along with being a college student. I got just that.

On top of that, I got to hang out with my amazing family and my little Hudson pup whom I missed so much!


For a solid week, I hung around my home town in Northern Virginia doing very average things, truly my own simple pleasures. I would wake up, make some breakfast, go to the gym, shower and do whatever else I wanted to do that day, whether it be shopping (missed my NoVA malls!), grabbing lunch with a friend, getting my nails done, going to my brother’s lacrosse games, etc.

Here are some highlights from my week:

I actually had lab work done at my family doctor to insure that I was nutritionally sound as I approach my 9th month of veganism, and guess what? My full nutrition panel came back with beautiful results, as I had suspected ;). Every single nutrient level was on par and I even had a surplus of B12 and Iron! Oh, the irony! (P.S. Creatinine marks simply mean I was slightly dehydrated, as I had just woken up.)

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 3.40.10 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 3.40.17 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 3.40.29 PM

I’ve never been one to obsess over the number on the scale, especially as I’ve delved deeper into consciousness of health and my body. I can confidently say I weight myself maybe 1-2 times a year, only when I am required to for doctor’s visits. I simply don’t find that number to be beneficial to me. I go by how I feel, how I look and how my clothes fit to determine where I stand. I even figured I had gained weight since I started weight lifting, with all the added muscle mass. Poundage doesn’t determine much in my eyes. Funny thing–I actually weigh slightly less than before. I ranged from 146-150 lbs eating a healthy, balanced omnivorous diet before I began eating plant-based and weight lifting. Check out my current standing!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 3.34.38 PM


I went to the dentist, as well. My teeth are lookin’ good too incase you were curious!

I grabbed lunch with my friend Megan at Cava Mezze and did a little shopping around the Mosaic District afterward. Megan and I are both studying abroad in Spain for a little over 5 weeks this summer, but on different programs. I will be in Barcelona and she will be in Madrid. We booked our flights together though and will be making a few excursions to visit one another. This summer can’t come soon enough!


And of course with a European trip ahead of me, I had to get some cool European-acceptable attire. My boyfriend Ryan and I headed to the mall and had some shopping fun. I hadn’t been to a mall in months, so this felt like a real treat, especially being at Tysons Corner.

Of course it was a long day of shopping and the two of us eat pretty often, so naturally we packed ourselves some snacks and ate up in the food court among all those eating food court food. You get stares, but who cares! I packed myself a Go Macro bar I had been meaning to try and an apple, and Ryan packed himself an almond butter sandwich on cinnamon raisin Ezekial bread. MMM!


I went to the gym every morning and was loving all the time I had to do my thang. There was no pressure to get in, get out and head to class, like at school. It was pure work out bliss. I even had some time to take some progress selfies. We all know I love these. I’ve been trying to work on more “muscle separation,” as Ryan has informed me.


Toward the end of the week, right before I packed up and headed back to school, my mom and I whipped up some scrumptious vegan desserts for me to take back!

Avocado Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Snagged from The Blonde Vegan


Lemon Ginger Cashew Balls

Recipe posted on previous blog post!


I also couldn’t go back to school without stopping by Whole Foods to stock up on bars beforehand! How I love being home…and Whole Foods Market. Sweet 16, anyone?


All in all, my spring break was not that of a typical college student, but typical is boring! All I’m saying is that different is good. Different is what makes an impact. That statement can be pretty generalized, but I’ll leave it at that.

Well, I’m off to enjoy this beautiful day! I am overjoyed that Spring has finally decided to show itself.

Chow for now, and enjoy your weekend all!

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