7 Months Vegan Feels Pretty Darn Good

As you might have guessed, today marks 7 months on my 100% plant-based journey. And golly gee, does it feel good! Besides the fact that 7 is my lucky number, I would say this is a pretty grand feat.

There are so many incredible things about consuming only foods from the earth that give me such an electric sense of pride.

Over the past few months, I’ve grown to love the question, “why did  you go vegan?” a question I once got a little nervous answering because I was still figuring it out myself. All I knew then was that I was doing good and enjoyed it. I luckily have a little bit more knowledge under my belt now.

So WHY AM I VEGAN you ask? Well, let me tell you!

  • My own personal nutrition: I’m the healthiest I have ever been in my entire life. Plant-based foods are the most nutrient dense foods known to man, packed full of every nutrient (phytonutrient poppin’) you could ever want or need. Nutritionally, I am missing absolutely nothing from my diet. If anything, I am intaking even more vital nutrients than I was before. Without all the extra fluff (sugars, fats, etc.) in my foods, I am able to stay lean and am able to live super comfortably (aka I can eat all the food I want) without any gain. I’m also very physically active and do a good deal of weight training, so I need lots of energy to perform adequately. My food keeps my body performing at its potential and looking good while doing it. Food is fuel. If you put exceptional, high quality fuel into your engine, your body will only output that of the highest quality. Why put anything less into your system?

Here’s my handy dandy vegan nutrition chart if you were curious to see the wholesome breakdown!


  • The environment: I’ve reduced my eco-footprint. When I first decided to go vegan, it was honestly not for any environmental reason at all. It was solely for me. After educating myself as I went along, watching documentaries, reading books and articles, it hit me. Veganism is something greater than myself. It’s about people changing their ways as our world continues to change. The world population is rapidly increasing and with that, our resources are not doing the same. At the same time, carbon is being emitted into the atmosphere left and right and causing a serious detriment to our society. Did you know that the livestock instrustry emits more green house gases into the atmosphere than the transportation industry does? If everyone would simply eat less meat, our world’s current environmental burden could at least be partially lessened. Some people are unfortunately unaware, but then there are others that simply turn their head to this rising issue. All I’m saying is if I can make a small change in my life to help the world out, why wouldn’t I? I mean it’s been so good to me. It only seems fair.happy_earth
  • Animal cruelty: I don’t have to feel sorry for my food. The documentary Vegucated first englightened me to what actually goes on behind closed doors in the livestock industry. The truth behind these mass producing animal farms would leave anyone disturbed.  Intelligent animals are often kept in cramped and filthy conditions where they cannot move around or perform their natural behaviors. At the same time, many suffer serious health problems and even death because they are selectively bred to grow or produce milk or eggs at a far greater rate than their bodies are capable of. Regardless of how they were raised, all animals farmed for food meet the same fate at the slaughterhouse. This includes the millions of calves and male chicks who are killed every year as ‘waste products’ of milk and egg production and the animals farmed for their milk and eggs who are killed at a fraction of their natural lifespan. The fact is that this is so disgustingly unnecessary. In no way do we need animal products to feed or clothe ourselves. Choosing a vegan diet is a daily demonstration of compassion for all these creatures.


  • It’s delicious: Everything I eat tastes [and usually looks] amazing. I’ve developed a passion for cooking, or concocting as I like to say, and experimenting with plant-based recipes has been one of my favorite past times. I don’t just eat these things because they’re good for me. I eat them because they taste freakin’ delicious. Once you’re familiar with the plant-based staples and start exploring new herbs, spices and different techniques to prepare meals, it gets exciting. I get asked often if I miss certain foods in the typical American diet, but I honestly don’t. There are so many options and alternatives that are 110% better for you. There’s absolutely no reason to go back. In reality, I feel that those who eat the typical American diet are missing out on the amazingness of a plant-based diet, whether it be the foods, the taste or the way it makes you feel. There are so many mouth watering options, and as long as I keep up with my fellow plant-based foodies on social media, I know my taste buds will never got bored and my tummy will never be hungry.


…or if I want to be a smart pants, I answer “because I know too much.” And then they start thinking I’m Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Einstein, Ghandi or someone of the sort. I then let them know they aren’t too far off, as all of these brilliant political and cultural figures were vegan. I’m just here trying to follow after some of the most brilliant minds of all time. I feel like they might have known what’s up.

Now I don’t know if I’ll stay vegan for life, but at this point, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea. The only question that ever comes to my mind anymore anyways is “why shouldn’t I be vegan?” Crickets.


This 7 month strong vegan is out.

Ya c-how-I-do? 😉

4 thoughts on “7 Months Vegan Feels Pretty Darn Good

  1. Congrats on 7 months chica!!! That’s really awesome. And let me tell you, 2 years vegan feels pretty darn good too! I love your ‘Vegan Nutrition Chart’, by the way. Did you create that or is it something that I can get somewhere? Celeste 🙂

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