A Half Year Vegan

Good evening and Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope you all were able to some how make it through today’s brutal temperatures. I some how survived, and even made it to the gym this morning…at 5:45 AM. Yeah, that’s the point when I guess you know you’ve got that self motivation thing down pat, haha. I actually thought I got frost bite from my car steering wheel driving over. Next time, gloves will be a must.

I had my 6 month Veganniversary last Sunday, January 5, 2014! It’s crazy to me to think that it’s already been one half year. I want to say it feels like I just started, but in reality, I feel far from it. It feels as though this is the way I’ve always lived. It feels as though this is the right way to live and only wish I had started sooner! Veganism has become my lifestyle, not just some diet. Thanksgiving? Vegan. Christmas? Vegan. There are just too many merely guilt-less vegan options to go back to the old. I make the effort to stay on track because I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can honestly say I’ve never felt deprived or as though I’m missing out, and that says a lot coming from this super sweet toothed gal. Eating completely plant-based is so much more rewarding than I could have ever imagined and only makes you want to keep going. And believe me, it gets easier!


As you might have guessed from my early gym time, I’m continuing on my Winter Break of Weight Lifting challenge. If you can recall, after New Years, I had planned on upping my workouts from four times a week to five, and so that is just what I did. The whole goal was to test the effects of weight lifting opposed to my typically cardio heavy workouts. I’ve been partaking in minimal cardio this entire break, usually consisting of only 10-15 minutes of treadmill interval sprinting or stationary bike interval sprinting prior to my weight training.


Here’s what my week now looks like:

  • Monday= Legs
  • Tuesday= Back & Biceps
  • Wednesday= Rest
  • Thursday= Chest & Triceps
  • Friday= Legs
  • Saturday= Shoulders/Traps
  • Sunday= Rest

This routine still allows me a nice two days off, which gives my torn muscles time to recuperate and get back in the game!

One of my favorite things about weight lifting is its total body workout no matter which muscle groups are being targeted. I’ve noticed that my abs, along with every other part of my body, have gotten more defined as I’ve done these workouts, and the funny thing is– I’ve stopped focusing on abs completely. It’s pretty darn cool. Because your core is always in tact, allowing your body to control the weights steadily in whatever exercise you may be doing, you get a little ab action no matter what.

I’m truly enjoying weight lifting and definitely intend on sticking with it for a while. Being a girl and weight lifting is one thing (girl power!), but being a vegan weight lifter is another. It’s such an empowering feeling. #PlantPower

The results you get from hard work and dedication in the kitchen and the gym are some of the most rewarding. Knowing that you, and only you, were the one to put in that time and effort to pull it all off is an incredible feeling. For me, this isn’t some temporary thang, and never have I seen diet and exercise to be that way. This is the way I live and the way I intend to live for the rest of my life, happy and healthy 🙂 .

Check out ‘dem plant-based biceps 😉Image

…and abs I whipped up in my kitchen!Image

Well I’ll leave you guys on that note. I can’t wait to see all my results to come as I continue, and of course I’ll be sharing them with you all, don’t you worry.

I’m off to make some barley sushi! I’m excited! It’s all about keeping an open mind, people!

Chow for now.

4 thoughts on “A Half Year Vegan

  1. I know the power in you will go on forever, I’m very proud of you and what you are doing ! Stay well and stay happy xxxooo

  2. Ummm you look amazing! Maybe I need to get into more weight training? But I loooove cardio… so much… I’d love to see some of your workout routines in future posts 🙂

    1. Aw thanks Elyse!! Yeah I will definitely post some of the workouts I’ve been doing through out my weeks. Weight lifting has been a great change of pace for me and something that I’ve obviously been seeing great results from. I would give a little more weight training a go! 🙂

      1. Ok I’m taking your advice after my yoga challenge and seeing where it will take me. Thanks 🙂

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