Let My WBWL Begin!

WBWL? What is that?

I decided to abbreviate my “Winter Break of Weight Lifting” challenge to keep it short and sweet. I think it’s a little more catchy that way. Don’t you agree?

As I mentioned in my previous post, yesterday was my first day at the gym back home, and therefore the first day of my WBWL challenge!


Since I began on Friday and not on Monday as planned in my schedule, I decided I wanted to do an unconventional combination: both legs and back, apparently the two most taxing of all the muscle groups.

I went around noon, which was such a treat, in comparison to when I will be going when I begin my internship again…5:45 AM anyone? Yeah, this is how you stay clear of gym buddies, haha.

Before I began my lifting, I knocked out some sprints, which I plan to do every day prior to hitting the weights. Instead of my long, drawn out, moderate paced cardio, I will be doing high intensity interval cardio. Sprints are a great way to build muscle fast, literally.

This was the workout I completed, prepared by Boyfriend-Trainer Ryan:


  • 1 mile of sprints (every other .10 mi, I sprinted at 9 mph for .10 mi)

Legs/Back Workout

  • Squats 4×15
  • Leg press 3×15
  • Leg extensions 3×15
  • Hamstring leg curls 3×12
  • Romanian dead lifts 3×10
  • Upright rows 4×12
  • Lat pull-downs 3×10
  • Dumbbell rows 3×15 (each arm)
  • Lunges 3×20 (each leg)

One of the many things I love about weight lifting is that no matter which muscle group(s) you target, it always seems to be a total body workout. My arms were feeling pretty amped up after that legs/back routine, so I thought I’d snap a pic for my own record and my reader’s entertainment. 😉 And yes, these are plant-based muscles. #PlantPower


I can’t wait to see all my progress to come!

Now I have factored in the holidays being a minor setback, but I don’t think it should take too much of a toll this year. Considering most vegan treats are not near as sugary/fattening as conventional desserts and such, I think I’m in the clear.

I’m also pretty determined to reach my goals, so I know what needs to be done.

That’s not saying I won’t have my fair share of holiday indulgence. This year, though, with my incredibly rewarding decision to go vegan, I’ve realized that indulgence doesn’t have to be harmful to you or your bod. You can treat your taste buds and nourish your body at the same time, all while benefiting society in more ways than most.

I’m coming up on 6 months, a whole half year, of eating entirely plant-based and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Everything you need you can get from plants, and so much more (amazing benefits). It’s no myth, and I think I’m living proof of that.


Well I don’t want to veer away from my WBWL challenge topic too much, but hey, the very foods nourishing my body are what allow me to do what I do in the weight room.

I’m about to make some breakfast and then head to the gym again for a high-intensity sprint and ab day! Sounds like a blast, doesn’t it? I’m pretty excited.

Chow ya later!

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