Hey Thanksgiving Break

Greetings and happy beginning of the holiday season!

I don’t know about you all, but as soon as Halloween was over, I was ready to start blasting some christmas jams. I always start way too early and wear myself out towards Christmas. I’m trying my best to pace myself this year…

I’m back home in Northern Virginia for the next 10 days to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, as of yesterday night.

I have been anticipating this break more than any other. School has been demanding as always, but I also haven’t made a trip home this semester. Yes, that’s a full four months away from my mom, dad, brother and pup! Sad times.

It has never felt so good to be back in my house, surrounded by all the little things I’ve missed so much. It’s funny, when I come home from being at school, I always get so delightfully overwhelmed with the grand amount of space there is, compared to my crowded, little college apartment.

I know it’s been a shamefully long time since my last post, but I promise that I will make up for it with this break, and the next (looong winter break)!

For my diet, I’ve been staying disciplined as always. Of course, there have been a few exceptions to my perfect vegan diet as special occasions come up. For example, sometimes you just gotta have certain sweets…GNI (Girls Night In) Sweet Frog anyone? I’m sure most college girls can confirm this necessary. It’s that practical vegan in me coming out. Whoops.

Here’s a few foods I’ve had over the past few weeks or so that you’ve missed out on.

Vegan Nachos


Panera custom order (their green Power Bowl hummus is to die for!)


Garlic broccoli (Mom’s special recipe)


Jamba Juice Berry Upbeet Smoothie, quinoa & veggies w/ hummus & cukes


Sauteed garlic & herb zucchini and spinach


Baked sweet potato w/ almond butter, walnuts & cinnamon


Homemade black bean burger on whole wheat seeded bun w/ tomatoes, lettuce & homemade sweet potato fries (my first meal home!)


With the cold and flu season upon us, I just wanted to take this time to remind you all how important eating right is. Yes, eating healthy yields an attractive aesthetic, but more importantly, it maintains your well-being. And where would you be without your health? More than any other time of year, germs are being spread like wildfire from all the indoor activity. Eat right and stay well! I promise you it’s no myth.


Yeah, so I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this guy, but I hear he’s relatively smart. If you don’t want to listen to me, maybe you should at least take it from him.

“But how on earth can I eat healthy when I will soon be surrounded by loads of decadent Thanksgiving and Christmas goodies?”

Don’t worry, I’ll help you out with that one in my next post. Your girl’s got you. 😉

Well, I’m off to finish up a Spanish project due tonight! That should be the last of my school work before I can be lazy and get a little Colleen-time in.

Chow for now!