Big’s GF Vegan Chocolate Chunk Birthday Cookies

Greetings and happy Wednesday everyone!

Today is my big sister, Kristen, in my sorority’s 21st birthday. Hooray! Who doesn’t love birthdays?

Aren’t we just adorable together? This was during last night’s celebration!


Naturally, gifts are in order, and since her lovely little (me!) is not of drinking age, she had to go with option number two. Dessert. Kristen loves sweets, just like her little, and so I knew what I had to do.

She’s gluten-free and I’m vegan, so I knew an alternative to the normal birthday treat was in order.

I stopped by the natural foods section of the nearby Kroger and grabbed this cookie mix.


Now I usually would have made these cookies from scratch, but with the time crunch of college happenings, the mix served as the convenient option.

It called for 1 egg and 1 stick of butter alongside the mix. This would have been just fine if I wasn’t also trying to make these cookies vegan, partially for my own experimental reasons, partially because I haven’t had a cookie in months and felt like I deserved one.

I suited up (my apron fastened) and got down to business.

Vegan alternative baking ingredients:

  • 1 egg= 1 tb flax meal & 3 tb water heated (microwaved for 30 sec)


  • 1 stick of butter= 7 tb coconut oil heated (microwaved for 20 seconds)


I decided last second to add two heaping spoonfuls of my delicious Maranatha peanut butter to the mix, and realized what a fabulous decision that was once they were done. Mmmmmm.






I added Reese’s PB Cups to a few just as they came out of the oven, as those are her favorite candies. They aren’t vegan, but I guess they are for her…

Since it is her 21st, I figured I would at least get her the appropriate gift bag. It may be misleading, as I filled it with her favorite candy, but it at least fits the occasion.


GF Vegan PB Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix together the flax meal and water in a small microwavable bowl. Microwave mixture for 30 seconds. Microwave coconut oil for 20 seconds. Add in peanut butter. Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Scoop out and onto a greased pan (more coconut oil). Place in oven for 16-18 minutes. Enjoy!

This was my snack (kind of dinner thing) while I was baking last night. Of course.

Spinach leaves w/ Italian herb balsamic roasted chickpeas on top 🙂


I have to say those cookies were the best vegan dessert I have had yet. Maybe I haven’t had a dessert with eggs or dairy in months now, but this tasted like the real thing to me. It must have been all that coconut oil.

It’s easy to forget that not all things vegan are healthy. Case in point: french fries. BUT Vegans have to limit treats too, just like anybody else. Not having dairy, meat or eggs in the food’s list of ingredients does not mean its amazing for you. It does however eliminate majority of foods that aren’t.

Again, sorry I’ve been MIA, but by now, I’m sure I’ve apologized enough for my hectic schedule at school and lack of blog posts for you to get the jist of where I’m going next. I’m doing the best I can! I promise.

Maybe I’ll see you soon? Hopefully.


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