First WIAW @ School

Happy Hump Day!

This is how my accounting professor greeted us earlier today, and then proceeded to imitate the camel that apparently says this. It was great.

As for today’s theme, thanks to Peas and Crayons, I will get on to showing you what I ate (thru the week thus far). This is my first ever “What I Ate Wednesday” at school! Excited yet? I knew you would be.

Let’s start with dessert, how it should be.

I have been meaning to try more products by So Delicious, a fabulous dairy free brand I’ve been getting my coffee creamer from, and so I finally did! Surprise, surprise, this ice cream was delicious (maybe the company name isn’t so coincidental). Yes, that is fresh mint on top of my ice cream. How fancy am I?


Here was my coffee from one morning, along with my delicious coconut creamer by So Delicious. I seriously recommend! I actually just picked up the original, so I’m excited to try that one out.

As far as coffee goes, I try to add as little as possible, as all the extra flavor things is what makes it bad for you. I’ve been sticking to this creamer alone, and if I do need a little sweetness, I add Truvia.


This is one of my absolute favorite combos on campus: the Jamba Juice smoothie & steel cut oats. Yesterday I got the Acai Super Antioxidant paired with the Brown Sugar steel cut oats. It’s the ideal study snack. I’m usually seen eating this alone studying in my favorite study spot, Torg Bridge (for all you Hokies!).


Later when I arrived home, to my home sweet apartment, I heated up some of that quinoa dish I made Sunday night, but added tomatoes, as I realized that that is what it had been missing this whole time. You live and you learn. #realkitchentalk

*Dish includes quinoa, chopped garlic, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, tomatoes & seasoning.


Another snack at some point was the banana bread Larabar, topped with natural Maranatha peanut butter. I had never tried this flavor before, but boy, do I approve! It was so close to actually having freshly baked banana bread, it was scary.  P.S. I always heat my Larabars up for 15 seconds in the microwave before eating. Oh, and the PB was a nice touch.


Before I went running yesterday, I made some protein oats!

This included steel cut oats, Plant Power chocolate protein, chia seeds, flax meal, mixed nuts, almond butter, cinnamon, PB2 & almond milk.

Yes, I realized that is a lot of almond butter, but when you’re having a craving, sometimes it just feels right to go all out.


*Note: the oats I make are always SO filling, enough so that I underestimate them sometimes. I had to wait almost a full two hours before I ran because I was so full after this bowl.

Rest asure, I ate more than this so far this week. These are just the items that looked cool or pretty enough for me to snap a picture of.

I hope you enjoyed looking through what I’ve been chowing on lately.

I have an executive board meeting now for my business fraternity to discuss our goals  for this semester. How exciting!


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