Totally My Last Tuesday Home

I can’t believe it. I only have 5 more days at home until I’m off to Blacksburg to start my junior year at Virginia Tech. Seriously though, where has the time gone? I feel like I just started college, and now I’m halfway through? This can’t be.

I’m so excited to head back though! I move into my new apartment on Sunday with three of my friends that I’ve never lived with before. It’s a great group and I can’t wait to kick off the year. I see lots of roomie cooking parties in the near future (that of course will be documented)!

Last Saturday night, my mom, dad and I met some of my family in D.C. for my cousin’s surprise engagement dinner. My cousin Tara was proposed to last Friday night by her  long time boyfriend, PJ. He gathered all her closest friends and family to dinner at Cava Mezze restaurant to celebrate this exciting time.

It was basically a tapas place, so I got a lot of veggies plates and this one white bean dish I was OBSESSED with. (Sorry, it was super dark in there!)


Afterwards, we headed back to their D.C. apartment and hung out on the rooftop, looking over the brightly lit D.C buildings and Union station.


Mommy and I


The bride-to-be and I


My parents and I


The love birds! Can’t wait for the wedding!


For lunch on Sunday, I made a little roasted chickpea veggie bowl, one of my favorites lately. I roasted the chickpeas in balsamic vinegar, like I showed you in a previous post, and then chopped up some tomatoes, yellow/orange bell peppers and fresh basil.


Among many little projects I’ve been working on before I head back to school, cleaning my Hunter Rainboots has been one of them, and I’m sure any owner of these rain boots would be interested in exactly what I did.

Cleaning Hunter Rain Boots

  1. Spay Goo Gone Spray Gel on a cloth and rub all over boot surface. This may take a little bit of elbow grease!
  2. Spray a rubber protectant on another cloth and again rub down the boots with it, making sure to cover every part. I used Turtle Wax Super Protectant.


Here are my boots after the treatment! All shiny and new again!


On Monday, I had a lovely day with my best friend Mary who just arrived back from a summer internship in Dallas. We began the day with a workout in her condo’s gym in Reston Town Center, and then took a walk over to Robek’s, a health-focused smoothie place, for a refreshing, replenishing smoothie.

I got the Age Buster: spinach, kale, peach and soy protein. I definitely tasted the greens (or grass as Mary says), but knew it was good for me, so I drank up.



We then took our day to the pool. It was so nice to relax by the pool, as I felt like I haven’t really been around too much water this summer :(.


We finished up our lovely day with a SweetGreen dinner date. Mary had never been and wanted to try it and I would never pass up a tasty salad.

I got spinach/mesclun, cukes, carrots, quinoa, lentils and pesto vinaigrette dressing with their complimentary buckwheat bread. Yummy!


I started today with a nice run and am now working on some more projects before I head off to school.

I actually had a beach trip planned for today, but the weather didn’t hold up. I’m shooting for tomorrow, but you never know. Perhaps this beach trip was not meant to be.

Chow for now.

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