Let’s Catch Up

Happy Wednesday, guys!

This week marks my last few days at my internship. So bittersweet. It will be nice to have a week off to relax and prepare everything for my move back to Blacksburg, but there will definitely be some faces I’ll be missing.

I know I haven’t really been including my food/work outs in my posts, so I thought I’d let this post be a dump of everything from the past few days that you’ve missed out on. After all, that’s the best part of the blog anyways, right?

Remember those delicious vegan brownies I made? I may have had one for breakfast….alongside apples and A LOT of almond butter. LOL I might have gone overboard on this one.


Here was a workday packed lunch: whole wheat toast (toasted in the office kitchen), hummus, grilled veggies (microwaved in office kitchen), raw carrots & cucumbers, an apple and a vegan brownie. I ended up making a hummus, grilled veggie sandwich, and just forking the rest.


I was craving beans one night and when my mom heard that, she said to make two cans, so she could have some as well. I could only find one can of black beans and one can of chickpeas, so I threw them both in and hoped for the best. I was pleasantly surprised.

I chopped up some white onion and green pepper, and then eventually added in the leftover grilled veggies from the night before to get a little more color in there. The flavor was phenomenal.

Sauteed Bean Medley & Veggies


My mom cooked up some of her signature (vegan) minestrone soup. Seriously guys, this stuff is like the best of the best. And the best part? She uses water as the broth. No high-sodium liquid here!

It’s packed with a million different veggies, including kale (instead of her usual spinach), and cannelli beans. This soup has so much flavor, and just the perfect amount of spicing.

Mommy’s Famous Minestrone Soup


One afternoon for lunch, I had a delicious sweet potato with almond butter and cinnamon, alongside apples. A whole bunch of favorites thrown into one. How ideal.


I experimented with a freshly bought watermelon that looked bad, by making a smoothie out of it! I cut out chunks and sliced up half an orange. The smoothie ended up tasting okay, but a little too pulpy for my liking.


My work friend, Paula, and I returned to MOM’s Organic Market for some more lunch goodies. I tried the “Moaler Bowl” this time and she tried the “Lin Bowl.”


I also tried an aloe vera drink that Paula had recommended. I always knew that aloe was good for burned skin, but I never knew that it could hydrate you from the inside out, allowing for your insides to soak up nutrients better.


One evening, I ran to Whole Foods with my dad and picked up something from the veggie bar to add to my meal for the night. Perfection at it’s finest.



My meal included chile pepper grilled tofu, grilled zucchini, asparagus, bell pepper, and pomegranate farro salad (Organic Superfood Grain Salad).


And had it the next day for lunch, as well. Super refreshing.


Oh, and I invented this new dessert. Blend 15 dates, cocoa powder, steel cut oats, cinnamon and almond oil. And bam! Yummy chocolate paste. Tastes better than it looks, I promise!

Chocolate Oats Date Paste


While my mom was at her fitness convention for the weekend, my dad took my brother and I out to Guapo’s, a delicious local Mexican restaurant. I had veggie fajitas, with no sour cream, cheese or “Mexican butter,” my go-to Mexican meal.


I tried the blueberry muffin Larabar (microwaved 15 seconds). Delicious, as expected.


I had another sweet potato with almond butter and walnuts. I don’t see this combo getting old anytime soon.


I went to Cava Mezze again with Paula and decided to enjoy our bowls outside, in front of the Angelika Theater screen. It was just playing commercials and movie previews, but it was still so nice. We felt like we were at an outdoor movie! (An experience I have yet to actually have)



Yesterday evening, I met a group of my sorority sisters, that live around Northern Virginia, at the Tysons’ Cheesecake Factory. Not my ideal vegan-friendly restaurant, but you gotta roll with the punches, like anything in life. It’s a lovely establishment, don’t get me wrong, but doesn’t have the best vegan options. I found that there are actually plenty of vegan restaurant review sites that are super helpful. I found one that gave me an outline of what I can order and how to order certain items to be vegan at whatever restaurant I might want to/have to go to.

I ended up getting their veggie burger in a lettuce wrap, rather than their bun, AND a fire roasted artichoke. Both delicious.


As far as work outs go, I’ve been running almost every morning, except for Sundays. When I do, I’ve been switching up between running 3 miles steady and running 2 miles in sprint intervals. I’ve been finding that I like the sprint intervals better because I feel like I get a better work out and in half the time.

It’s been a good change of pace. Literally. 😉


Afterward, I’ve been doing more balanced strengthening exercises. I’ve been trying to include more arm and leg workouts, not just all abs. I’ve been working on my squats, but for whatever reason, my body is super challenged when it comes to doing them. I try so hard, but can never get that full, deep squat position. Maybe one day.

For now, wall sits have been that staple leg killer. I’ve made my way up to 2 minutes, and this is post-run. Yeah…ow.


I also went to Bikram Yoga on Monday evening  with my one of my VT roommates, Jen, and am about to head there now. Boy, have I missed it! Last monday’s class left me feeling so amazing. I loved the instructor and felt like I was performing at my best. I think I’ve slowly been able to reach that deeper, desired level of focus in the standing series and relaxation in the savasanas.

I remember when I first started yoga, all bright eyed and bushy-tailed, looking around in confusion to everyone’s odd stillness and focus, unable to get in that necessary yoga state. It’s a mindset that you must be conditioned to have, I’ve learned. Not until you are able to get there will you really appreciate all that yoga has to offer.

Also, I took my final exam for my Econ class this morning, and just need to turn in my final paper tomorrow, and I’ll be done with my third summer class! Just in time for Fall semester to start! Perfect. Lol.

Well I know that was a lot, but I’ve been slacking with my posts.

Have a nice, relaxing evening everyone. Catch ya later!


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