More Bikram for Me

Since I’ve purchased my unlimited Bikram Yoga class beginner week, you better believe I’ve used it!


Technically I’m not a beginner, but more like a begin-again-er. I think we all can relate.

I feel like every time I go, I am able to handle the practice that much better, without too much correction from the instructor. I always seem to be a favorite to point out and correct in class, I’ve noticed. Maybe it’s because I’m tall, usually wear bright colors, and have a huge knob of a bun on top of my head always, or maybe I’m just a favorite ;).

I will tell you, 26 poses in 90 minutes will be sure to wear you out. There’s no question there.

Post-class Colleen (After I’ve been towel dried…)


I found this online and it all made sense. This is why it’s all worth it (plus many more!).


Here was my post yoga shake! I would call it a green-almond-coconut-choco-shake? (The spinach & cinnamon are missing from the pic, sorry!)


For lunch on Wednesday, I whipped up a little mixture of some different yumz I found around the house.

First, I sauteed chickpeas, mushrooms and tomatoes in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


Then I laid out a bed of spinach leaves, with some more balsamic!


Then I placed the sauteed fixings onto the spinach. It was quite tasty indeed.


For breakfast this morning, I had some Peanut butter Puffins cereal with walnuts, almonds, and cinnamon with almond milk.


For lunch today, I packed a baked sweet potato, alongside almond butter and walnuts with a spinach salad and balsamic vinegar (in the blue container).


I had seen others post about the sweet potato/nut butter combo and knew it sounded like something I would love, and right I was. This combo was amazing! I felt like I was eating a dessert.

Today’s professional attire:

(Again, sorry about the poor quality!)


  • Express White Ruffly Blouse
  • BGD Dark Coral “Cigarette” Pants <–favorite pants! I have 3 colors (Urban Outfitters)
  • Nude Skinny Belt (Target)
  • Patent Leather Nude Round Pointed Flats
  • MK Silver-Gold Bracelet Watch
  • Small Pearl Stud Earrings

Well I’m off to another Bikram Yoga sesh, sadly my last of the week.

I am leaving for Blacksburg tomorrow around 3 PM, after my “early-off Friday,” with my family and one of my brother’s friends, to move out of my old apartment and into my new apartment. This will involve carrying a heavy bedroom set, along with a boatload of other things, down three floors and up three floors. Yeah…hence why my brother’s friend was invited. We will be needing all the help we can get!

I think I know where my workout on Saturday will be coming from.

Have a fabulous weekend all!

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