WIAW: Living On the Edge

Good morning everyone!

This morning began a little later than usual because I decided I needed a little rest for my tired bod. Who’d of thought? Mornings runs and evening Bikram Yoga sessions have made me just a little more exhausted than I had anticipated.

I’m currently writing from my bedroom and about to head downstairs to whip up some breakfast, my forever favorite meal, and then head downstairs to take my virtual 9 AM wednesday class.

My Econ instructor decided that since Wednesday is quiz day, it makes more sense to lecture from the remote class session and then release the online quiz. Hey, I’m not complaining. College in your PJ’s isn’t a bad deal. Wasn’t there a super ridiculous commercial for that?

Here were some of my eats yesterday, going with today’s theme.

This was actually a little snacker platter I had on Monday that I thought I’d include.

We have some fiber from the bell pepper, carbohydrates from the pretzel thins, protein from the hummus and the almonds, calcium from the almonds, and also iron from the hummus (muscle juice!). Perfect balance.


Tuesday morning’s green smoothie

(Plant Fusion Chocolate Protein Powder, Spinach, Coffee, Almond Milk, Chia, Flax, Cinnamon, Ice)


My lovely work friend, Paula, and I went out to lunch at…you would never guess it…

Cava Mezze! Hey, when I like something, I like it, and I stick with it.


Aren’t we just precious? 🙂


I actually tried falafel for the first time yesterday. I’ve always eyed it in the protein section, but could never commit when the chicken always looks so yummy and is always a safe bet. This whole vegan thing has definitely got me living a little more on edge though, so falafel is just what I ordered.

P.S. I did not eat that flatbread tortilla or whatever it’s called. White flour=not my style.


Short WIAW commercial break!

Tuesday’s professional attire


  • Forever 21 Plum Slouchy Bow Tank
  • Express Editor Gray Skirt
  • Metallic Flats
  • MK Silver-Gold Bracelet Watch
  • Chinese Boutique Silver Pearls bracelet
  • J. Crew Gray Layered Necklace
  • Francesca’s Silver Knot Earrings


Yes, I finally snagged a cool back pic.

Keep in mind, taking pictures of myself in the office bathroom is not the most comfortable situation, so appreciate the “style” section of this blog to the best of your ability.

If I could slip into a private fashion studio to snap a pic mid-work day, you know I would.

Here were the snacks for the remainder of the work day Tuesday. Gotta stay content. You can never be too prepared for what your stomach might be feeling.


Again, I LOVED the Larabar. New favorite bar? I’m thinking so.

Tuesday’s dinner had to be light because I was heading to Bikram Yoga with my old cheer friend, Kayla, at 8 PM and it was already 6:30 PM.

I quickly devoured some of my mom’s delicious Baked Eggplant w/ Homemade Tomato Sauce.


Sorry about the shadowing. iPhone’s don’t make for the best blogtography, but it’s the best I have for now. BUT there’s always room for improvement in the camera world. Mom? Dad? 😉

Well I plan on getting some homework done today after class and attending another Bikram Yoga session tonight.

I’m out. Bounce.

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