The Big V Decision

So I said I would decide whether I would be continuing the vegan diet or going back to my fish/chicken/dairy/egg ways after my vegan week experiment was over, and I’ve concluded that…

*drum roll*

I will be staying vegan! At least for a little while.

I’m not making any permanent decisions, but for right now, it just seems like the best choice for the reasons I listed in my previous post.

Plus, I truly haven’t found it that challenging, so why not? If I can make a small contribution to improving the world by changing the food that’s on my plate, then why wouldn’t I?

Here have been some of my vegan foodz the past couple of days!

My summer staple and love, watermelon!


Oh my goodness gracious, I tried my first Larabar and was in love! It was oh so tasty. I even tried a portion of it heated up for 12 seconds like I was instructed to by other Larabar lovers, and that too was delicioso.


Although they are quite a bit of calories, I love that these bars have all natural, simple ingredients with such a great flavor. Remember– Calories aren’t everything, people! It’s the nutritional value you are getting from them that counts.


On Saturday night, my mom made an Asian Veggie Stir Fry w/ Tofu.


On Sunday night, we concocted Garlic Mashed Cauliflower, and we loved it. Minus the fact that my mom put in one or three too many garlic cloves…

Oh, and notice the mint in my fancy water glass. Yeah, that was all my mom. It was a nice little refresher from all that garlic though!


I liked it so much, I snagged a little for my Camelbak.


Later Sunday night, I had some of this Hibiscus Blueberry Tea. It had such a nice flavor and was so perfect right before bed.


This morning’s workout:

  • 2 mile run (interval)
  • 150 ab exercises (sets of 25)
  • Planks

I went easy on myself this morning because I was anticipating going to another Bikram Yoga session tonight, but ended up not being able to go. That’s okay. I’ll make it up to myself tomorrow, I’m sure.

Today’s work out attire:

I was very watermelon-y and matchy today, as you can see. From the tank to the shorts, from the sneaks to the socks.


Green Breakfast Smoothie


The smoothie was a little too chunky in my opinion, but the flavor was awesome.

  • Spinach
  • Granny smith apples
  • Frozen banana
  • Frozen strawberries
  • Orange
  • Coconut water

In class today…

I tried yet another new bar- the KIND bar. Again, SO good! And I just love how limited the ingredients are.


Another yummy snack– my lovely steel cut oats. Fab tasting, fab for you. Where can you go wrong?


Since I started up with My Music Monday, I figured I should stick with it. Thoughts on starting a theme-hosting for it (or whatever it’s called)?

So, this has been my favorite song to listen to lately. I feel like it’s a pretty reflection-worthy song about growing up and all that jazz, so it’s pretty relatable I would say. AND it’s Avicii. Everyone loves Avicii.

Well I’m off to start getting ready for bed. I think it’s gonna be an early one tonight, my favorite.