Vegan Week Prep & Start

Today began my “Vegan Week” experiment. My mom and I plan on eating completely vegan beginning today and ending next Sunday.

In order to prepare for this change, we had to get the appropriate grocery items, as to maintain a balanced, nutritious diet. Ultimately, that’s the most important thing.

Oh, and I tried coconut water for the first time before we left to go shopping, as to get in the mindset. You know how it goes. And I…


…didn’t really like it. Awkward. All I’ve heard is how amazing it is and yada yada. It does have fabulous health benefits, but I think I’ll stick to putting it in my smoothies and shakes. Maybe it is an acquired taste, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

Yesterday my mom and I went on a vegan grocery adventure, which I guess would qualify as my first official vegan grocery trip. Who knows? Maybe the first of many, maybe not. This week will tell.


We picked up a boat load of fruits and veggies, but then also some crucial vegan alternatives to meat and dairy products.


My mom and I went through each day of this “vegan week” and planned what we would make, as to not be left clueless when it comes to meals. I would list the meal schedule here, but I don’t want to spoil my next posts. That would ruin all the fun!

Last night, we had our last non-vegan meal, and it was so darn scrumptious!

Grilled tuna steak, grilled egg plant, and seven grain bread w/ olive oil & mozzarella caprese dips.



Had to get our fish and cheese in before the day was over!

For dessert, I snuck in my last share of dairy. Yes, this had to in the form of my greatest love, chocolate. Dark chocolate mint M&M’s to be specific. I’m going to miss you so.


This morning, my very first meal of vegan week was some good ol’ fashioned cereal for breakfast. I added in two different kinds of cereal, Nature’s Path Flax Plus and Puffins Original, almonds, walnuts, flax meal, chia seeds, and cinnamon with almond milk.


I grabbed some coffee and added some So Delicious Coconut Milk as my creamer (thanks LizzieFit!), with one packet of Truvia.


I headed off to my third class of microeconomics, and realized there are actually two other students from Virginia Tech in my class. Small world!

Mid way through class, I pulled out an apple, against the little voice in my head that said it would be awkwardly loud. It was, but my stomach appreciated it. The opportunity cost of eating the apple was less than forgoing the apple and being hungry to avoid the awkward munching sounds. Thinking in economics terms has been my latest thing. Gosh, how I love sounding smart!

When I got home from class, I whipped up some lunch.



I used some of the Wegman’s 7 Grain Sourdough Bread from last night, hummus, spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes with cracked pepper to make a vegan-fied sandwich. I paired it with some non-dairy almond vanilla yogurt.

The sandwich was delicious, as it is an item I would be happy eating vegan or not.

The yogurt was definitely different than what I am used to yogurt being. Not bad, just different. The consistency was more watery, especially compared to the thick and creamy greek yogurt I have been having the past couple of years.

I decided I needed to add some crunch, so I plopped in some almonds and walnuts, my latest nut favorites, and what we happen to have in the house.


For another snack, I tried a new bar!


The Health Warrior Chia Bar was surprisingly dairy free! I was ecstatic. I made sure to do my research beforehand, as it does contain cocoa powder. AND cocoa powder does not contain dairy! SCORE! I know how to incorporate my chocolate now ;).

For dinner tonight, my mom made her signature minestrone soup. My favorite soup ever!


The aroma has filled the entire house. I can’t wait until dinner time!

I feel perfectly full and fine thus far in my vegan journey. Granted I haven’t eaten anything too substantial yet, I have felt lighter than I would usually after my meals.

This whole process is so exciting. I love trying new things and experimenting with different methods of fitness and nutrition. It’s all a part of discovering what works best for me and improving my overall self.

I’ll keep you posted.

This vegan is out.

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