America the Fit

Although I personally always bash America for its unhealthy habits and skyrocketing obesity rates, as does the rest of the world, I really wouldn’t be happier anywhere else. BUT not for those reasons of course.

I’m so lucky to have been born in America. We have the freedom to do whatever the heck we want! Not that many countries can say that, so that’s pretty awesome. I can have this blog and criticize the way our government treats the health of its people, and they be totes cool with that. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be the case most anywhere else.

Of course this freedom does include the ability to stuff our faces with an unlimited amount of easily accessible processed, artificial creations we now call food, on top of living a sedentary lifestyle filled with technological simplicity. Double edged sword, my friends.

I began my Fourth of July with a morning trip to the gym with my little bro. Except more like not so little…and decked out in patriotic apparel. We were actually kind of matching. Oh yeah, you bet we were turning heads! 😉


This guy has turned into a little gym pro. He was showing me what machines to use for what. I’m not a big machines person, but I thought I might as well give them a go while I was at an actual gym.

Next time, you just put me in a group exercise class and I’ll be set. Preferably spin!

I did do a lot of reps on the abductor/adductor though and WOWIE am I sore today! I guess those are some muscles I don’t use as much as I should. That machine has got to be one of my favorites.


  • Treadmill (1 mile run (6.5 speed), .5 mile uphill progression speed walk, 1 mile run (6 speed))
  • 50 leg raises on dip machine (2 sets of 25)
  • 25 rope lat pull downs
  • 25 rows
  • 50 adductor/50 abductors
  • 250 abs (sets of 25)
  • Stretches

Post-work out breakfast:

I sliced up some gala apples and sprinkled them with cinnamon. I paired them with a toasted whole wheat english muffin lathered with almond butter, walnuts, cinnamon and chia seeds.


Every year, we spend Fourth of July with some of our good family friends and this year we had a BBQ picnic to attend at one of their houses.

Before we left, my brother and I took some tradish solo shots. I’d say just about any holiday we get dressed up for, we do a little photo shoot. It’s kind of our thing. Hey, we’ll be happy we have the pictures later on!


Here’s another with my mom and little Hudson pup! Apparently she was hiding something she was holding…?


Grilled goodies:

Look at the array! Do our friends know how to host or what?


My plate:


  • Salmon burger w/ whole wheat bun
  • Grilled tuna steak
  • Greens salad w/ olive oil vinaigrette
  • Grilled veggies
  • Multigrain baguette slice

I’m lucky we have family friends that are also pretty health conscious or we could’ve run into some issues with this cookout…

After the get-together, my mom and I headed home. We usually go out to our friend’s country club in the evening to watch a huge fireworks display, but this year, we just didn’t. I had plans to meet up with some of my friends and my mom was exhausted. We both ended up dozing off until about 7:30 PM, and were then too tired to go out. Kind of lame right? Nah, I actually didn’t mind at all just relaxing.

I feel like you begin to experience holidays differently the older you get, a lot differently. The things you did as a kid no longer seem appealing. It’s a strange feeling. You start to calm down and don’t necessarily always have to be all go, go, go all the time anymore. Sometimes it’s nice to just stay in and observe. I had work today anyways, so I knew a 6 AM wake up was in my near future.

I ended up watching the Annual Macy’s NYC Fireworks Spectacular on TV and fully enjoyed it. I was so into it. I kind of felt like I was there, minus the bug bites!

After various big name performers sang, a record-breaking 30 minute fireworks display, choreographed to classics and pop music by Usher, was done.

It definitely made me want to do my next Fourth of July in NYC. Wow. Gotta love the USA, where bigger is always better. Except let’s try and veer away from that being our bodies as well…

Peace & Love America. CHOW.

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