Vegan Thoughts

I watched the documentary, “Forks Over Knives,” last night and have been doing a lot of thinking ever since. I’m trying to become as knowledgable as I can  and gain a well rounded perspective by learning all the facts and opinions of health experts around the world, and in watching documentaries like this, I feel that I am doing just that.

Here’s the trailer:

The documentary is about the power of the plant-based diet, its healing ability and other various benefits. I definitely recommend watching this film, available on Netflix.

I’ve always known the basics, taught to me early on, that vegetables and fruits are good for you, but was never taught that dairy, meat and eggs are bad for you. Nobody is ever really taught that, at least nobody in the western world. Heck, I eat them all the time!


I’m no dumbie when it comes to health either. Hello! I have a healthy living blog! But to all of a sudden hear everything I know to be part of a healthy lifestyle questioned…

The documentary follows an average American man on his journey to better his health after being diagnosed in the major risk category for a heart attack, along with many other Americans with similar stories. We hear from various doctors through out the film that insist on prescribing a plant-based diet to kick the diabetes, the clogged arteries, the osteoporosis, the cancer, or whatever the so prevalent American illness might be.  And guess what? It works. They recover. They survive.

Now it’s not just the stereotypical thin hippie that can live the vegan lifestyle, and that’s just what this film is trying to prove. The documentary features a pro-wrestler and his active life, in the gym and with his young family. The film displays his ability to maintain large muscle mass while eating only plant-based foods. He mentions that his recovery time after workouts are shorter, and he has that much more energy. That’s something that shocked me to hear! Both of those sound pretty good if you ask me.

There were two quotes mentioned that I absolutely loved, and couldn’t agree more with.

Let food be thy medicine.” –Hippocrates

Um, I kind of wish I could go back in time and say this before Hippocrates did because it’s seriously what I live by, and what I think is pretty obvious nowadays. Sadly though, many people still do not realize this. First off, eat right and sickness will rarely come your way. Eat right during sickness and wellness is only a short distance away.

He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the time of his doctor. -Ancient Chinese Proverb

YES. It bothers me to no end that people in our society think that medicine will cure everything. Well guess what? You need to take care of yourself first! Medicine should be the last resort. This is why the U.S. has so many health problems. If you keep eating crap, you’re going to continue to feel like crap and your recovery will be molasses paced to no movement at all.

If we were a little more proactive and a little less reactive with the health of our people, I think our nation would be in a lot better shape financially (and physically!) and could maybe allocate money spent on healthcare to other important things.

Sorry, got a little off track there. Those aren’t really my thoughts on veganism, just healthy eating and living in general. 🙂


All in all, Forks Over Knives has me considering an alternative diet, a diet some would call extreme. As stated by one of the doctors in the film, “there are going to be half a million people in this country this year who will have to have the front half of their body divided, their heart exposed, and some people would call that extreme” (and expensive! $100,000/heart bypass surgery).

I’m not committing to the lifestyle, but I am interested in giving it a go. Now this will be hard, considering I am a greek yogurt and egg fanatic. I also love my salmon and occasional chicken. Maybe I won’t miss them too much though when I start playing around with different alternatives and fun vegan recipes.

Now this documentary did dive into the belief that veganism will leave your body malnourished, as I’m sure many of you are thinking, but that is quite contrar to the truth. Plant-based foods have all the protein, fat, calcium, iron, fiber, and vitamins you could ever need. As long as you make sure to eat the right balance of foods, you’re set.

As of now, my mom and I are going to try eating vegan for one week starting Monday. She’s such a good sport trying all my crazy ideas with me! I’m excited to see the difference in my overall feel; If I feel more satisfied after I eat, if I sleep better, if I have more energy, and all that good stuff. I’m getting pumped!

Oh yeah, I tried the Choc-a-lot Vega Smoothie this morning! Fabulous! At least I know I have my Vega smoothies.


It just kind of worked after watching this film the night before, ya know?

How did you vegans out there get inspired to go vegan?

What was your transition process like?

5 thoughts on “Vegan Thoughts

  1. Wow what a great post! I have to watch the documentary now.. Tonight! Everything you said is exactly what I want to make people around me understand. You don’t have to be sick! I am so excited you are trying veganism out for a week 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about yours and your moms vegan adventures! Pick up some So Delicious Coconut Yogurt and if you want scrambled eggs try silken tofu scrambles. I promise you won’t even miss dairy and eggs 😉

  2. Oh goodness, yes I will have to pick some of that up! I kind of want to just start it already, but my mom says we need to finish leftover animal-based products, as to not waste food. Haha which I understand. I will def be blogging about my adventures though, no doubt! So happy to have a vegan blogger buddy!

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