A Rainy Carb-y Day

This morning was an exciting one! My friend Bong (Catherine), who I’ve mentioned previously, has been wanting to get in better shape, which has made me ecstatic. People who set fitness goals like she has, and put forth the effort to achieve them, make me so, so proud. There’s nothing better than a little hard work and dedication.

She asked if she could join me on my morning run, and of course I said yes! A little company in those early hours doesn’t hurt. This was one of her first longer outdoor runs and she was a trooper. I couldn’t be more proud of her. It’s all about those baby steps when first starting out. AND patience. Patience is key. She suggested I call this The Bong Project, so you may be hearing more about her soon.


  • 2 mile run (steady w/ 2 sprints)
  • 250 abdominal exercises (sets of 25)
  • Front Plank (1 minute)


I was craving an egg sandwich this morning, like usual, post workout. I wanted to venture off the beaten path with my bread selection this morning, so I grabbed some Arnold Whole Wheat Toast instead. I love my English muffins, but having them for every egg sandwich gets a little old.


While waiting for my egg to cook, I spotted the watermelon in our fridge. Bull’s eye.

I headed to work and felt the heaviness of my eyes as I drove into the trafficky, dreary gray morning, and continued to feel this daze all day. I clearly did not get enough sleep last night. I am making myself be in bed at promptly 10 PM tonight. No excuses!

I was in need of a mid-morning snack, so I whipped out my celery and almond butter/honey dip. This dip was actually concocted to be paired with greek yogurt, but was never eaten, so I quick grabbed it this morning to try with my celery.


Yum to the almond butter, meh to the honey. Celery and honey are not exactly a good pair. Hey, at least I gave it a shot. Now we all know.


Bong and I made plans to meet for lunch at yet another new place in Mosaic, Taylor Gourmet. It’s a trendy sandwich joint with quite the selection.

After much deliberation, I chose from the chicken section:

  • Walnut Street (Grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers on 6 inch whole wheat bread)

Bong also chose a chicken sandwich with similar ingredients to mine!

Here were the goods:


Very delicious! I’m a big critic of bread and this bread, my friends, was spot on. Oh, and the insides were good too! Nice and fresh.

Oh, and as we politely sat in the restaurant eating our sandwiches, the sky decided to open up and pour down cats and dogs. Not men. Without umbrellas, we carried through with our plan to stop by Anthropologie before heading back to work. We were soaked, and I was a frizzy poodle. It’s all good though, I just thought of it as a little adventure in the workday. Everyone could use a  little more of that, right?

Work attire:


When I got home, there was a plethora of cookies in my kitchen. Apparently my dad had an open house today and the leftover cookies were brought back to our house. Great.

Inevitably, I had one. Oatmeal raisin. Kind of healthy, right? Yeah def…



My fabulous mother cooked up some shrimp scampi tonight. I opted to put my shrimp over quinoa instead of pasta, as I’ve clearly had a lot of glutenous carbs today. Yikes.


  • Garlic olive oil baked shrimp
  • Plain quinoa
  • Salad: lettuce, peppers & onions w/ homemade Italian dressing

Latest venture: 

I need to pick up some protein powder for my lovely shakes, to give them a little something extra.

Last night my brother was giving me a lesson on his mass-gaining protein supplements, key ingredients, and what I should look for in protein powder for me, as I am obviously not trying to gain mass. No thank you. I think he might have a job at GNC sometime in his new future…

Anyways, does anyone have any recommdations for a good women’s protein supplement powder? I’m thinking either whey or casein, but also need to know which brands and such.

You know what this will mean…

MORE shakes to be blogged about! Exciting!

Well, that’s all for now. See ya soon!

6 thoughts on “A Rainy Carb-y Day

  1. HI!!
    1. I say we run soon!
    2. I’ve been dying to go to that restaurant in Mosaic…sandwiches are kind of my thing.
    3. I use Designer Whey protein powder and loove it. I have the white chocolate flavor and it’s just meh…way more of a chocolate person.

    loving everything about the blog 🙂

    1. 1. Yes, agreed. In Kangoos perhaps? 🙂 I was talking to my mom and she says not this weekend, but next weekend should probably work!
      2. Meet me anytime for lunch! I work 2 minutes from there!
      3. I’ll have to check that out. Yeah, I’m def a chocolate person. BUT my brother has cake batter and cookies n’ cream flavors…WHAT

      Thanks! Trying to improve it little by little!

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