A Very 90’s Work Out & a Scary Storm

I had heard my mom say something about the weather and possible tornados in the area the past few days, but didn’t think much of it, until this morning.

I woke up and went about my day as usual. 6 AM alarm went off and I made my way out of bed.


Upon choosing which 8tracks playlist to listen to, I came across a 90’s throwback playlist and so it was decided. This morning was a 90’s themed workout. It was fabulous. 90’s music never fails to give me that comforting feeling of my childhood.


  • 2.5 mile run (steady)
  • 250 abdominal variations (sets of 25)
  • 50 inner thigh lifts (1 set per side) See below


  • 50 elevated clams (1 set per side) See below


  • 1 minute plank (1 set per side: forward, left & right)

I’m trying to vary my workouts, as I feel like I’m doing the same thing over and over. Switching things up is one of my many fitness goals I’ll mention at the bottom of this post.



  • Thomas whole wheat English muffin
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 slice of Swiss cheese
  • DELICIOUS red grapes

I was thrilled about these grapes. I am kind of a grape snob to say the least. When it comes to my grapes, they must be of the utmost crispness. As much as I love grapes, I will easily pass them up unless I approve of their taut exterior. My mom gets credit for finding this tasty bunch at BJ’s. Job well done momma!

I could tell the weather was going to be some kind of awful today when I was out running. It was before 6:30 AM and I could already barely breath from the thick, humid, sticky hot air.

But while I was driving to work this morning…


Yeah, check that out. How scary, right? I figured a tornado was gonna pop out right then and there amidst all the rush hour traffic.

Luckily I made it to work and got started with my intern tasks for the day.

Since there was a training session going on, lunch was ordered out. I technically am a part of the training and education department, as those are the projects I typically work on, so I am always offered lunch when things like this occur. I’ll usually check it out and see if there’s something, but I always try my best to choose wisely. Those darn social obligations.

As said in Econ, what’s the opportunity cost?! Sorry not sorry. I like Econ.


I ended up grabbing a little bit of the vegetarian baked ziti. This had tomatos and zucchini in it with mozzarella and tomato sauce. I also grabbed some mixed green salad with cucumbers and a spoonful of yummy Italian dressing to top it.


Maybe 30 minutes later I whipped out my celery and hummus with a side of almonds. And I was set.



I decided I will be including a fashion section into my blog, as that is also an interest of mine, to a lesser extent. It will mostly be outfits I wear from day to day, where I got each piece, and stuff like that. Nothing too vogue-y.

Today’s outfit:




When I got out of work around 4 PM, the ground was wet, but the sun was out and the sky looked clear. I listened to the weather radio station on my commute back home to learn that the storm had made its way up to Maryland and will be moving out to the Northern Chesapeake Bay as night time rolls around. Phwef. That was a close one.

Even Hudson was enjoying the beautiful afternoon we ended up having. He’s so cute.


Woops. He caught me.


Well, I’m off to learn Chapter 6 of BIT, do the homework, and take the quiz. So much funzies! Not.

Before I leave, I wanted to list some of my fitness goals for the near future, as I think creating goals is crucial in achieving anything. We all have to start somewhere.

My fitness goals:

  • Start timing my runs (long overdue)
  • Increase my run speed (timing it will probably help…)
  • Gradually increase my run distance to 5 miles
  • Participate in a 5k competitively
  • Participate in a Tough Mudder
  • Get certified to be an instructor (IDK for what yet, I’m versatile)
  • Incorporate more pilates exercises into my routine
  • Get back into yoga (Bikram is my favorite, but so much $$$)

What are your fitness goals?

Have a wonderful evening. CHOW!