Hudson pup turns 6!

Friday, Friday, Friday! Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? I’m so relieved that the weekend has arrived. I’ve been feeling so drained from work, class and assignments that I’ve really had no time for anything fun, which defeats the whole purpose of life in the first place. Am I right?

I have so many projects lined up for this summer and at this rate, I have no idea how I will get to them all. I’m sure I will find a way though. I always do.

I really have been trying to do it all. Unfortunately, that has meant less sleep. As I said in one of my last posts, I am an avid believer in the importance of sleep. Sure, you can fit everything you want into your day if you get less of it, but is that extra stuff you’re accomplishing really worth your overall well being? Nah.

I have checked one project off my to-do list though. This one’s been allowing me to chit chat about my life and display it publicly to thousands of people if you catch my drift. I’ve honestly been loving the blog scene so far. It’s refreshing to read other healthy living bloggers’ posts and to get feedback on my own from my friends, family and fellow bloggers. The best responses I get are “You’ve inspired me. I am now doing ______.” That’s what makes it all worth it.

But enough with me, me, me, it’s somebody very special to me’s birthday today!


My favorite little pup, Hudson, turned 6 today! He’s pretty much an old geyser now. Wow, the years have seriously flown by with this one. Here are a few pics from through out the past 6 years.

Picking him up from the breeder in Delaware, all 3.5 lbs! He’s always been such a good traveler.


Trying on his football jersey before his various Oakton football games.


Don’t mind the mess of high school freshman me, but LOOK how cute and little he is!


And then he turned gray…but we managed to still love him. 😉


Hudson got his first pair or space shoes! I think he was channeling “futuristic nerd.” The stuff he puts up with…


Such an inquisitive little guy!


He loves this couch…when he’s allowed on it.


This was him this past Christmas morning in his sweats.


Well, I don’t know if you want a recap on the past 3 days since I’ve been MIA, but I will give you a brief one anyways, or try to.

Wednesday was my day off work, so I slept in an hour or so, made some breakfast, did my workout, did some summer coursework and was off to my night class.

Wednesday breakfast:


When I came back from my run, I noticed this beautiful plant blooming on our front steps. Gawgeous.


LOL I liked the name of this 8tracks playlist. AND the picture! Great motivation!


Often times, when I do my morning workouts, I do feel a little rushed, as I need to shower and get ready for the workday directly afterward. On Wednesdays though, I can take as long as I want, which is such a nice feeling.

It’s too bad, but a lot of times I will forget to stretch after a workout, which I know is so important and believe me, feels SO good.

So I did just that.


I think I still have a little cheerleader in me.

My mid-day study snack:


  • Green bell pepper (too bitter, don’t like)
  • Sabra Hummus To-go pack

Dinner before class:


  • Pork medallions w/ a mustard sage sauce
  • Garlic broccoli

My class snack:


  • Mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, and pecans)

I ended up not eating my nuts in class because of a mild tummy ache, so when I got back, I had a late snack, which I try not to do too much of.


  • Apple slices w/ almond butter
  • Dark chocolate chip chia flaxmeal cookie bar (fresh from the oven!)

Thursday morning I was feeling real good after my day off. Because my knees have been hurting (old woman status), I decided to take my workout to the stationary bike we have. I did:

  • 40 min spinning (sprints, climbs, isolations, etc.)
  • 250 abdominal variations (usual sets of 25)

I was feeling super tired afterward, but only the best kind of tired. Spinning works different muscles than running and those muscles clearly have been missing bike time.


Both my thighs and back of my calves have been so sore ever since that spin sesh.

Thursday morning breakfast:


  • Thomas whole wheat english muffin toasted
  • 1 egg (No cheese 😦 …we ran out)
  • Sabra garlic hummus
  • Red grapes

I decided to make a shake to take with me to work!

Ingredients + coffee:


  • Almond milk
  • Fage 0% fat Greek yogurt
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Peanut butter
  • Chia seeds
  • Whole almonds (for some crunch)
  • 6 oz. black coffee
  • 3 ice cubes


It was scrumptious!

For lunch, I met my friend Bong again, but this time in Tysons, closer to her work, at Cava Mezze. I had never been before, so this was all new to me, but I quickly became obsessed.


It’s a Greek fast food joint, sort of. It’s a made-on-the-spot, wait-in-line type deal. You pick a base (I picked super greens salad), a protein (I picked chicken), and toppings (I picked hummus, quinoa, tomato/onions, & lemon olive oil cukes). Fab-u-lous! I will definitely be going back.

Later that afternoon, I had an apple. These Pink Cripps are growing on me. They’re also not as much of a commitment as the Honey Crisp are to eat with their grand size and outrageous price.


I headed to Reston Town Center later after work to catch up with one of my old cheer friends at SweetGreen. I know what you’re thinking, or at least what I’m thinking: two times out in one day?! Yeah, I know, but it’s the whole social aspect thing getting in the way again. At least these places were healthy options and I think I chose wisely.

Our salads:


  • Spinach/kale mix
  • Spicy quinoa
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Champagne vinaigrette dressing
  • Signature SG bread (oat bran maybe?)

This morning was a struggle to say the least. I did not want to get out of bed one bit. I was up late last night studying and taking a BIT quiz and was completely and utterly exhausted. I looked outside and it was raining and dreary, even more of a reason to stay in bed. BUT I got up, put on my workout gear, and headed out. I was impressed.



Sometimes, you just aren’t going to be feeling it, but you gotta get up and get moving anyways. You will never regret a workout. I promise.



I was a wee but hungry this morning, hungry enough to forget to take a picture of my food. Crazy, right? So sorry for the  halfzies. Mommy made me a smoothie too! Love the presentation.

Later in the morning, I had some coffee from the office and a Luna bar, with some delicious water.


On the menu for lunch was leftovers from my family’s dindin last night: half a sweet potato and half a tuna steak. I added in an apple and some almonds too.


When I got home (early-off Friday!), I rushed straight to the birthday boy and we had a sentimental you-are-getting-so-old moment.


I then made myself some warm oatmeal to offset the raininess of the day.


  • Oats
  • PB
  • Almond milk
  • Dark chocolate chips
  • Chia seeds
  • Flaxmeal
  • Cinnamon

As far as measurements go, I pretty much just guess every time I make it (Sorry about that).

The rest of the night I plan to finish up the first unit of BIT and take my Ch. 1-5 Test, get started on one of my three Econ chapter homework assignments, then catch up on The Mindy Project and New Girl, mis favoritas. < Look, I’m even using my Spanish minor this summer!

OH and I made a special request to get some Pomodoros pizza tonight, my absolute favorite pizza in the world. Plus, it’s a convenient 3 minutes from my house. I always order a white pie (no sauce) w/ mozzarella, garlic, and spinach. Looks like I’m having a little cheat day tonight, but I’d say I deserve it after a long, hard week. Anyways, it’s Hudson’s birthday. I’ll just blame it on the dog.

Have a fab weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “Hudson pup turns 6!

  1. I enjoy reading your blog. i know you are an inspiration to many.
    love those hard workouts. keep it up.

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