Sunday Funday

Yesterday was my first Sunday back home in NoVA, so my first Sunday back to church, running errands, and all that good stuff.

Sunday was my rest day and honestly not too eventful.

For brunch, my mom and I split one of our lovely omelets with some english muffins. I’ve been spreading hummus on my english muffins lately when paired with eggs. So tasty! I’m on some serious hummus kick lately and loving it. ImageImageAfter church, my mom and I headed out to errand run. First thing was first, we had to drive to the NVCC campus I will be taking classes at, that will actually be starting tonight, so I would have an idea of where I will be headed. My mom has always done that for me, never failing to give me exact mileage and alternative back routes incase of traffic. Gotta love my mommy!

We then headed to Target to pick up some much needed hangers. I kind of sort of accidentally left all of mine at my school apartment. Woops! We also picked up some snacks to pack for my work week. And by snacks, I mean 8 different types of bars, literally. One or two of them might have been for my brother, but regardless, we have quite the line up.

My dad ran out to Wegmans for our dinner, and went on and on about how packed it was. My guess was that all the college kids home from break missed their favorite high qual grocery store, good ‘ol Weggy’s. He picked up steak for him and my brother and fish for my mom and I, the usual. He also snagged some more honey crisp apples for me. $10 for 4 apples. It does make me feel princessy, but if anyone has ever tried them, they know they’re just that good.

Dinner was a little smorgasbord of a lot of things. I ended up having most of the shrimp, a little bit of halibut, half a sweet potato, a blue fingerling potato, brussels sprouts, and a spinach salad with carrots, peppers, and homemade Italian dressing.


I spent the rest of the night helping my brother with his Algebra 2 work. It definitely made me miss the good ‘ol days.

For dessert, I had some of those yummy pumpkin health bars microwaved for 15 seconds. Perfection.

**For those readers out there that don’t know me all too well, keep in mind I am a constant snacker! The food pics I post are the most substantial meals I have, but I’m always eating little things here and there. Eating every 2 hours may seem excessive, but it actually keeps your metabolism running at a faster pace. As long as you’re eating good, healthy snacks, you’re good to go!

As for today, I woke up at 8:45 AM and headed downstairs to our home gym to try a little solo spinning on our spin bike. It’s not the same for me in my basement by myself as in a spin room with others motivating me to keep pushing. For now, this will do though. Since the spin class I normally attend is focused around electronic dance music, I tried to incorporate that into my own workout. I do love making up my own stuff while trying to keep up with the beat.

After a much needed shower, I was looking forward to making myself a shake, but of course, could not find this Ninja blender we supposedly have, so I just made a greek yogurt concoction, similar to what I would have done in my shake.


Fage 0% fat greek yogurt
1.5 tb peanut butter
Squirt of vanilla extract
Squirt of peppermint extract
Ghiradelli 60% cacao dark chocolate (crushed up)

I don’t know about you guys, but I love the taste of peanut butter and mint. Maybe I’m weird, but I find it quite satisfying.

My parents and I have plans to meet up with my cousin, her husband, and newborn, who are in town for a few weeks from Kenya, in D.C. for lunch around noon. They moved out to Nairobi, Kenya 2 years ago as governement agency workers for environmental sustainability I’m pretty sure, but I can’t wait to hear about everything and meet their little baby, Kanoa. Love that name! Apparently we are going to some restaurant in Foggy Bottom called Tonic? I’ll let you know how it is and of course take some shots of what I end up ordering.

Bye for now!

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