Bring On the Heat

Yesterday was a hot one! That’s for sure. I believe it got all the way up to 82 degrees! I’m not complaining though. I spent as much time outside yesterday as I could. A little Vitamin D never hurt anyone.

When I woke up, I had yet another free day ahead of me. I have to say, I’ve been loving this free time. I’m really trying to indulge in it as I know this blissfulness is growing shorter and shorter. Eek! Work. Ah! Classes. I know I am being slightly dramatic, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t dreading it.

Anyways, back to food, the important stuff! I had yet another honey crisp apple with almond butter for breakfast. ImageI don’t know why, but that’s all I have really been craving in the mornings.

I did a little more unpacking and then headed straight for the outdoors! I desperately needed to soak up some rays before I’m trapped inside an office building from 9 to 4 everyday. I put on my bikini, lathered on some sunscreen, filled my trusty Camelbak and was off to the wilderness. Not really. I just walked out my backdoor to our patio. Sweet setup right? It even has built-in company. Hey Hudson!ImageOf course I brought my birthday present Cosmo out with me, along with my newly downloaded Gatsby soundtrack. I am seriously loving that music, especially Lana Del Ray’s “Young and Beautiful.” I literally cannot get that song out of my head.ImageThere’s nothing more summery than sunbathing with your favorite mag and some sweet tunes. I was a pretty happy camper for a few hours. Don’t worry, I reapplied!

When I finally came back in, I found this passed out on the couch after a long, hard week of high school. Gotta love little brothers!ImageI weirdly haven’t had too much of an appetite since I’ve been home, so sorry, there are no cool lunch pics! I went on another neighborhood run, followed with about 20 minutes of floor exercises, and was famished.

I ended up having some hummus and pretzel thins right before dinner. Hummus and anything is always a favorite snack of mine.ImageWith that being said, we had an awesome dinner. My dad cooked out on the grill, which is his speciality. He prefers to be called the “grill master” when in the zone. We’ll leave it at that. Because the weather was so beautiful yesterday and began cooling down around dinnertime, we decided we would move our dining to the great outdoors, aka our deck.

We indulged in grilled salmon, grilled zucchini, corn on the cob, and some of my mom’s special-recipe 7 day cole slaw (no mayonnaise of course!). Image

Dinner was delectable, as expected, and peaceful as we all sat and enjoyed each others’ company amongst the fresh air, that is, after being quizzed on how our taste buds liked everything from the grill, as usual. My dad has been known to open up the floor to discussion about the food as we are consuming it. Too well done? Too much spice? Too fishy? I can’t complain I guess. The man just wants some feedback. Every time he grills.

In retrospect, I’m truly blessed to have a family that sits down for dinner almost every night together to eat. Not just to eat anything though, to eat some of the finest homemade cuisine out there. I never realized how lucky I am to have parents that appreciate the value of a home-cooked meal and have the ability to cook so well until I went off to college. You definitely come home with a whole new perspective of your own family compared to the friends you meet and eat with.

Unfortunately, I realized I did get a little sunburn on my shoulder/collarbone area, but obviously it didn’t bother me all that much.


I finished off the night with some more unpacking and then promised my mom I would watch the movie Les Misérables with her. We grabbed some pumpkin bar treats and popped in the DVD. As we were watching it, I could tell neither of us were into it. I kept checking my phone as she played with Hudson. The constant, drawn out singing, the 1800’s oddness…we just weren’t feeling it. Since the movie is supposedly 2.5 hours, she requested we split it up into part 1 and part 2, but honestly, I would be surprised if we went back and finished it. It just wasn’t really my style. Sorry Anne Hathaway.

Random thought: does anyone else insist on having clean feet before they hop into bed? I’ve always been the kind that will not get under my sheets unless I am completely showered and squeaky clean, but If I shower, walk around a little with bare feet, and then head to bed, I have to wash my feet first. Makes sense right? Or is it that just me?

As for today, I woke up around 9 AM and headed out for a run. When I walked out of my house, I realized it had just began sprinkling. Now I’ve been caught out running in a storm before and it isn’t the most fun thing in the world when you have an expensive electronic with you (iPhone, hello!). I just hoped for the best and headed out anyways.ImageThis time, I switched it up a bit and decided to run on the main road. Sometimes it motivates me a little more, as to not look bad in front of the many passing cars. I ran about 2.5 miles, which is a good distance for me lately. I don’t run at school too often, only occasionally. I really got into spinning this past semester. It’s a completely different type of cardio. Sadly, I don’t belong to a gym here so I doubt I’ll have access to another spin class until I’m back at Virginia Tech. Although I do feel that my endurance is up there, I’m simply not used to the mechanics to run for too long of a distance.

When I returned, I did some floor exercises. Snagged from my work out buddy from school, I like to start off by doing 250 ab exercises in sets of 25. Usually something like:

25 regular crunches

25 90 degree leg crunches

25 legs straight crunches

25 left side crunches

25 right side crunches

25 legs spread crunches

25 vertical lift crunches

25 ball crunches

25 left ball crunches

25 right ball crunches

Afterwards, I held a 1 minute plank and a 1 minute wall sit.


I then proceeded to the weights! Ever since I stopped cheering, I forget I need to work out my upper body to retain the definition. Nobody likes flabby arms! I used two 8 lb weights to do…

20 T-ups

20 extended arm drops

20 bicep curls

and I was pooped.


I then showered and made some breakfast in the form of an omelette. Sorry no pics! No time! Plus, I feel like you’ve already gotten your fair share of pics in this post. LOL sorry not sorry.

I think this morning blogging thing is going to work out better. I’ll just recap the day before. Yeah, okay good plan.

I’m off to my ZTA sister’s house in Gainesville for what was supposed to be a pool day…womp womp. We’ll probably just end up watching Safe Haven, one of my other lovely birthday gifts, and do a little shopping at the mall, which still sounds like a good day to me. Yay for the weekend! I hope you all have a great one!