Unpacking & Such

2nd day back home, 2nd day blogging, 2nd day unpacking my monstrous amount of stuff. The sad thing is, I really only brought home clothes and accessories. I can’t even imagine if I had to completely move out of my Blacksburg apartment. Luckily, I have the lease until the beginning of August, so I plan to make a few trips down there through out the summer and live up summertime Blacksburg a little bit.

Today was a lazy day, the best type of day. I had no plans to tend to when I woke up this morning. I laid in bed for  a while and finally made my way downstairs for some breakfast. My dad brought home some Honey Crisp apples upon request (my favorite), so I sliced one up and dipped it in almond butter. Perfect way to start my day! Sorry, I was so hungry I forgot to snap some pics.

Amidst my unpacking efforts, I ran into a few things:

Baby Colleen pics!
Which I thought would be oh so appropriate for the infamous Throwback Thursday (#tbt).IMG_6355

I found these neon yellow bermuda shorts I must have worn no more than twice, so I figured I would spice them up  a bit to something I might wear a little more this summer. Chop-chop!


I was going through boxes in my closet and rediscovered all my high school DECA Pink Rhythm Campaign project stuff. Oh the nostalgia. Some of the leftover Save the Ta-tas giveaways might be perfect for my little baskets this spring, as the sorority I joined this past January, Zeta Tau Alpha, has a fabulous breast cancer philanthropy. Score!


Of course the whole gang joined me in my mess of clothes that seem to have exploded through out the entire upstairs level. Hudson was being extremely helpful, as usual, casually sitting on everything that needed to be sorted through.

IMG_6358 IMG_6357

This is my mom! Isn’t she cute? She was about to head off to teach some water aerobics!


After all the unpacking, I needed a pick-me-up snack for sure. After raiding the fridge, I found an uncut baby watermelon! Jackpot! Let’s just say everyone in my house knows that when there’s a watermelon, I might as well write my name on it and call it a day. I can go through a watermelon like you wouldn’t even believe. Best fruit out there, in my opinion.


I also spotted this in the kitchen. All ready to go. Typical.


Oh yeah, I bought this Under Armour headband the other day and have been so excited to wear it. I’m a huge headband person when it comes to working out. My hair must be completely out of the picture when I’m concentrating on anything really, even schoolwork. I’ve always been that way.


Well, I am a little off my schedule being home, as far as getting my workout in and what/when I’ve been eating, but I will get back into a routine once my internship and summer classes start. For now, I’m kind of just going with the flow.

I am about to go on a little run around the neighborhood and later head out to see The Great Gatsby with one of my good friends from home! I’m super pumped. As far as dinner, I have no clue what I’ll be eating, which is very unlike me, but it’ll figure itself out. I guess I’ll also have to get into a schedule of blogging at a certain point during the day too. Just hang tight for now though while I’m still figuring it all out.

Well chow for now! (I hope you get the reference)

And So Summer Begins!

School’s out for summer! Or is it? Yeah, not so much for me. As happy as I am that my spring semester classes are complete and summer has arrived, I have one heck of a busy summer ahead of me. From three summer classes to my full time internship, I feel like I will hardly have enough time to relax, let alone partake in fun summer activities. Of course, I will try my best.

One thing’s for sure though, I will always make time for living healthy! For a kid my age, I know it might seem odd, but I truly value health.

This is my first, real blog post, so I’ll  give you a little background on where I’m coming from. My interest in health began toward the end of high school, although my mom, a long-time fitness instructor, fellow health nut, and master chef, had always fed my brother and I exquisite, healthy meals growing up. As I’ve matured and made my way through college, my motive for being fit and healthy transitioned from vanity reasons to true interest in my overall well-being. There is not one day that goes by where I take my health for granted. It’s a gift that should be treasured (I know I’m lame!).

Creating a healthy living blog has been on my to-do list for quite a while and now that summer has arrived, I figured it would be the perfect time for me to hop on that train. But really, these blogs are all the rage! I always find myself going through any I come across for new ideas and inspiration in my daily routine. Maybe someday I will even inspire someone like me now? Who knows!

Moving forward, today was a day for some recipe experimenting! After a nice morning run around my normal neighborhood route under beautiful sunny skies and a lovely afternoon of smoothies and girl talk with one of my good friends from school, my mom and I began preparations for our belated birthday celebration. Following some rigorous research on Pinterest, like usual, we found the perfect dinner and dessert for the occasion.

Chili-Lime Tilapia


w/ Garlic-Basil Multi-grain Penne Pasta (No white flour for me please!)


and Garlic Broccoli (my mom’s speciality!) Do we see a trend here? We may or may not LOVE garlic.


So my plate looked a little something like this…


AND dessert: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Health Bars


Healthy treats can be festive too! Happy 20th to me and Happy 29th to my mom…? Isn’t that right mother?


Recipes coming soon!

After enjoying our yummy food, doing gifts, and the whole birthday sha-bang, it  was time for my whole fam to wind down. After all, it is a weekday. Well, it isn’t for me just yet. I’m counting down the days until Monday when the real world sneaks in and kicks my butt. Until then, I am going to be living up some sweet summertime.

That’s all for today, folks! Sorry it was a bit lengthy. Hope to see ya soon!